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As a student (and more if you're in the tech or software area) you always want to grow, to learn, to earn experience. And this tireless search can be very hard to complete, and it's not because of the lack of opportunities, but because of when we just start we don't know where to see. There are a lot of areas and branches of Software, Technology and Information that we can't just focus on one and want to feel the best thing about each of them. But there's a concept, a mindset and a way of build software that can gives us that and even more: Open Source

The Open Source term refers to something people can modify and share because its design is publicly accessible. And as students that's something that can change totally the vision and concept of how that technology you love is developed.


Learning how to develop

Watching the Source Code is not helpful only because you can grab what you want and go. But because you can understand how that code is made and how experienced developers build products and solutions.

We know it, feeling comfortable with the code you make is really hard and even more if you have to learn by yourself (As you probably do because you're reading this article) and reading code that others write is one of the best ways to learn good practices (Also make sure that the project has a good base and is active).

💡 Remember, you'll spend more time reading code than writing it.

Open Source is not limited to one technology or one language

Open Source projects are not limited to Web Development, Rust programming, Shellscripting or Python libraries. You can find a lot of cool and interesting impact projects, that make people's life easier or that solve a problem.

And remember, you can help a project to grow with your awesome skills in designing, documenting and sharing! The projects live also from contributions that have nothing to do with code!

Earning experience by contributing

The most powerful feature that Open Source can give to anyone: Contributing to others projects. Make a little piece of that incredible tool, library or app that you love to use and help everyone else to enjoy what you made is the best part of the result of contributing to open source projects.

Imagine all the experience you can earn about all of the incredible technologies and languages that people are using and making. And off course, a good open source project also has good and very well informed documentation so you don't get lose on how to help.


Build solutions and maintain an Open Source project

And of course for you that have an incredible idea and want it to grow fast, make your project open source! Not only because of the community that can help you but also because you're gaining a lot of experience as a leader and as a developer that is able to solve the problem with the help of other people that constantly want to contribute to your project.

If you want to learn more about Open Source, you can read this incredible web page. Fell in love and want to begin right now? Check this page now and star with your open source contributions and earn experience and knowledge while helping the most incredible community!

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Great article !

I agree that open source is a valuable 'source' of knowledge

But it does not replace formal programming and software engineering resources.

There are certain things about building serious software projects that are seldom found on open source. You need to combine both

Miguel R. Ávila's photo

I'm totally with you. The combination of both makes great developers with a lot of good practices and experience.

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really cool , keep up the good work !:)

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Very cool, True and Simple. I loved it.!🚀🚀